Flores for council

Goals and Priorities

The best leaders have a challenging vision, strong expectations and clear feedback. I will always strive to be your biggest advocate and a leader you can count on.

I wanted to break down my goals and priorities into two groups. One is personal accountability goals to you, the residents of District 3, and the second group are goals and ideas that will help move the city forward while incorporating D3 specific goals.

The truth is, all the districts, along with the mayor have to work together to tackle the current issues the city is facing. There are some things I want to work on once elected that will help us align our collective priorities.

Transparency & Personal

Main Goal: Cultivate a culture of accountability by setting the example and creating multiple channels of communication on the City Hall side, while simplifying ways for residents to be engaged.
  • Monthly townhall
  • Lunch & Learns on topics including Block Clubs, Community Engagement, What’s going on in D3!
  • Open door policy
  • Create surveys for residents to complete regarding new projects and as needed.
  • Utilize the D3 city website page to create a running list of projects, priorities and updates.
  • Create committees throughout District 3 to focus on finances, DEI, Green Spaces and Historical Preservation.
  • Work with the City Manager to bring policy changes to council meetings such as:
    • Requiring council members to disclose why they are late or going to miss a mtg.
    • After closed sessions, the City Council should publicly announce which items were discussed that weren’t confidential.
  • The city clerk should post on our website a list of the files pending in each committee. 
  • Revamp & relaunch the Clean Compton Initiative to engage the residents and local businesses.
  • Work and support non-profits to create community-based solutions on issues. Example: provide spaces, or publicity boosts for events.
  • Advocate for D3 by putting in the work! We’re a working community, and I’ll be a working councilmember.

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District 3 & Beyond

Main Goal: Work toward financial solvency in order to create a safe, sustainable community, while making calculated and incremental changes throughout D3 and the city.

  • Work with colleagues to help create a Citywide Strategic Plan that will define our collective vision and outline how we will bring that vision to life:
    • City manager can hold strategy mtgs with dept. heads
    • Councilmembers can create district goals to include.
  • Financial Solvency:
    • Bring to council moving to 2 liaisons instead of 5. This would allow us to save money, and also work toward a more cohesive City Hall.
    • Review and revise the budget. Analyze and map out our revenue streams and do the same for expenses.
    • Review non-departmental expenses and consulting fees. I’ve requested several line items from the city and am pending a response.
    • Move to a YoY budget analysis, this may be out of the norm for cities, but the norm isn’t working for us! We have to look at every dollar and where it’s going.
  • Work toward providing resources for small businesses. The health of our businesses and residents determines the health of our city. I personally like the Better Block Foundation approach (betterblock.org).
  • Establish the Richland Farms Historical Preservation Plan.
  • Find additional funding through our grants dept. from the federal govt. to create new initiatives side by side with our infrastructure and safety needs.
I want to stress the fact that these goals should all work in conjunction with each other. Once we get the budget in order, the next items should cascade. This is also a working document so if you have ideas email me! The residents make up the city and if we work from the top down, and bottom up, we will create substantial change.
Jennifer Flores