Flores for council


It’s time to elect the only D3 candidate with the skills, ethics, and commitment to WORK for improved safety, economic development and quality of life our community deserves.

Es hora de elegir al único candidato de D3 con las habilidades, la ética y el compromiso de TRABAJAR para mejorar la seguridad, el desarrollo económico y la calidad de vida que nuestra comunidad merece.


Our district is the most unique and culturally diverse; encompassing the homes in Richland Farms, the Compton Airport, and an industrial area. D3 is the perfect mix of innovative new ideas while keeping a hometown feel.


Jennifer Flores

Compton Council, District 3 (2021)

Jennifer is a Retail Operations Supervisor. She’s lived in Compton for 35 years. Committed to create a more service-oriented City Hall that works for all the residents. Visit www.floresforcouncil.com IG: floresforcouncil Facebook: floresforcouncil for daily updates.


Focused on creating and bringing resources to serve our most disadvantaged residents. Healthy communities lead to sustainable cities, but not until we are all thriving. I’m committed to multidimensional, result-oriented planning to develop programs and spaces that meet the needs, priorities and values of the community.


Compton is at a crossroads in our development. We must focus on stability and productivity in existing small businesses before we can truly have stable growth. Once this is established I will work toward creating sustainable relationships with new business that understand the values and needs of the community.


District 3 is not a silo. There are numerous groups doing amazing work in the city. I will maintain a forward thinking attitude where all ideas are welcome. Let’s use our resources and partnerships to drive progress throughout District 3 and the city. Coming out of the pandemic this will be the most important step toward a sustainable Compton.